Worldwide Flight Operations

National Jets’ worldwide experience stems from more than 70 years of time-sensitive critical missions. It all started assisting international oil production companies by transporting oil production equipment to remote areas throughout the world, as well as providing logistics for movie companies shooting in exotic international locations that were not serviced by traditional carriers.

In 1972 National Jets was tasked by the U.S. government to establish a training program for pilots returning from the Vietnam war to transition them into what we now recognize as the original fleet of executive jet pilots, and what eventually grew into the first certified fixed-wing medical transport company in Florida.

National Jets has over 50 years of experience in transporting critical patients from some of the most remote regions in the world at a moment’s notice. These unique experiences have built a worldwide support network and multilingual flight operations department that can handle the most critical and unusual requests to ensure that our clients’ flights are completed without issues regardless of their destination.

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