First Class Experience

Our charter services offer a luxury, first class experience, and our aircraft management services are no different. We are experts in aviation asset management, providing our clients with peace of mind that comes with knowing every last detail is accounted for. We offer 24/7 essential insight through reliable support and personal partnership our clients won’t get from other private jet aircraft management companies.

What is Aircraft Management?

As an aircraft management company, we offer our clients unique services that make it easier to purchase, operate, and maintain private jets. We manage aircraft for private owners and corporations, under 14 CFR part 91 or 135, based on the client’s needs and expectations. Our strength is in our comprehensive abilities, with dedicated support designed to get you where you need to go with less stress, more savings, and an innovative approach to managing aircraft and crew. We walk alongside our aircraft management customers from start to finish ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

Specific services include:

  • Aircraft cost analysis and type selection
  • Locating, purchase negotiations, and closings
  • Exterior paint and interior cabin completions
  • Certification of the aircraft with the FAA and DOT
  • Registration process, U.S. or other countries
  • Maintenance programs, including inspections and routine maintenance
  • Locating, hiring, and management of flight and cabin crews
  • Training of flight and cabin crews
  • Cost control, budgeting, and accounting services
  • Oversight of daily organization and dispatch for worldwide flight operations
  • Report-driven Owner’s Portal for fast access to need-to-know information

Worldwide Flight Operations

You have made one of the most important purchases in your life. Acquiring an asset that demands proper maintenance and management in order to preserve its value can be a daunting task requiring a team of professionals to maximize that value. The difference between great aircraft management and less than great aircraft management is typically the difference between happy aircraft owners and frustrated ones. National Jets’ ownership of aircraft since 1947 has ingrained an ownership mentality that benefits our managed clients in every aspect of the operation. Operational expenses such as unscheduled maintenance, crew costs, and nonoperational aircraft expenses are scrutinized to ensure our owners are getting the most out of their investment. Our FBO allows us to provide increased efficiencies when basing an aircraft such as discounted fuel, parking, and onsite maintenance services. Parts procurement and inventories are handled 24/7 by our onsite 145 and Parts department. These synergies work together to provide the best launch reliability in the industry. Our management clients enjoy charter aircraft with the best opportunity to produce revenue with their aircraft and our Charter department ensures those revenue opportunities remain consistently available.

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“We’ll walk alongside of you throughout the purchasing process to ensure you get the best price”